Our Story

Meet BFF

BFF was founded in Paso Robles on the California Central Coast at the turn of the millennium in the year 2000. A sloping, south-facing field with chalky soil and stunning views of the upper Salinas Valley and Santa Lucia Mountains. Many would call it "wine country" but we like to think of our farm as the olive oasis, a diamond in the rough or, in this case, an olive in the land of grapes.

Five Tuscan varieties were the first trees to be planted on our site in 2003, with others following in the next few years. In 2005 we harvested our first small batch of assorted types, yielding about 30 gallons of the freshest and most intensely flavored olive oil we had ever tried. Where our limited supply was once reserved for the BFF family kitchen and friends, we have since opened our doors to the world and want to share our wonderful products with you! Today we are producing three distinct extra virgin olive oils: two magnificent blends as well as a single varietal that will have your taste buds swooning.

How we grow

With microscopic attention to detail, we employ organic farming practices (awaiting organic certification) and precise water management. Our very own resident BFF genius, Joe Brosius, spent the better part of his life dedicated to farming and honing in on the best practices. His methods have created fool-proof models for increased sustainability and low environmental footprint; for instance, our drip irrigation grid nourishes trees while preserving precious water.

We strive for sustainability and aim to lessen our environmental footprint further with each passing year. We are on track to incorporate a no cultivation system in the near future, substituting it with ... our neighbors' hungry dairy sheep, who are casting their eyes toward our olive orchards, to help with spring weed control ... We are always looking for new ways to promote sustainability in our farming methods.

How we make oil

The fruit is harvested by hand when properly ripe in November and, in some years, early December. We haul the bins of olive fruits to our miller (yes, those who extract olive oil are also called millers, and yes, olive oil is extracted, not pressed!) about 15 miles away, within hours of harvesting.

There, the most modern extraction system turns fruit to oil the same day it is picked. This is done to avoid oxidation of the fruit. Our oil is filtered to avoid contamination from fine olive debris. The new oil (referred to as Olio Nuovo) rests in our storage room built into a hillside to reduce temperature fluctuation. Samples are lab tested and sent to a sensory tasting panel to assure it is all it should be.


We here at BFF believe in the power of localism! What in the heck is that, you might ask? Well, in a world where many of our food products are imported from overseas (especially the mighty olive oils of Spain, Greece, and Italy), we believe that California soil breeds abundance and opportunity - an opportunity to create high-quality products that rival the oft-romanticized oils of the motherlands.

Keeping things local allows us to reduce emissions associated with international transport and stimulates our local economy. For example, Greg, our miller, is twenty minutes from us. It may not be as cost effective, but we wouldn't have it any other way. We are proud to be able to offer our bottles for $40 and under. Other brands offering a cheaper product may be able to do so by ignoring environmental issues, taking advantage of foreign government subsidies and using cheap labor. This is not our business model.